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1975 Date of birth in Ehrenberg/ Germany

1996 - 1999 Professional training to sculptor by Klaus Weizenegger at the vocational school of sculptor in Bischofsheim/ Germany - Sculptor

2001 - 2003 Master school of sculptor in Munich/ Germany - Master Sculptor

2007 RÖDER studio-gallery in Pfaffenhofen - Ilm/ Germany

2011 Sculpture garden with studio stage at RÖDER studio-gallery in Pfaffenhofen - Ilm/ Germany

Numerous exhibitions and international symposiums of sculptor in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxemburg, Italy, France, New Zealand, Canada, Russia, Argentina, Turkey, Syria, Cyprus, Finland, Romania and Bulgaria

Honours and art awards at Germany and abroad.

Membership in national and international associations of artists in Germany, BBK Ingolstadt, IGBK Berlin, GEDOK group FRANKEN Nuremberg, Art club Fulda, New art club Pfaffenhofen, RHE Sculptor club Empfertshausen, cofounder of the artist group GOMAQUISU

Art works are at public room in Germany and abroad as well as in private collections.